5 08 2006

WoodyThis is Woody, the totally awesome random stump that was on the edge of Lake Yellowstone… :) I saw it and just HAD to take a picture. Click for the full size… :D

*Sigh* It’s Cloudy

1 08 2006

Not the best weather for photography…  Unless you like them macro’d closeups of flowers and peoples…  But of course, it’s also raining, so I can’t even do THAT!  *sigh* it’s enough to make me depressed. :(


31 07 2006

I’ve really done it this time… You almost can’t even tell that my computer is a windows! …Almost. Here’s a pic: Link I think it’s awesome: Macs are so pretty… :)

Anyways, I’ve gotta thank FlyakiteOSX, the amazing program behind most of this and WikiHow for showing me Flyakite!

I’m in Technorati!

31 07 2006

Technorati is this really cool blog finder thingy that you can find blogs and posts in.


I got a blog

31 07 2006

And not only that, but I got the coolest blog ever! lol jk… WordPress is amazing, though: seriously. Much better than blogger and it’s stupid layout, WordPress is a lot more user friendly and customizable!

w00t for WordPress!


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